Re: A window manager alternative to WiW

Sat, Mar 18, 2000 at 11:28:59AM +0100 Peter Soendergaard wrote:
> Here an idea I thought of some time ago:
> The window manager could supply a special application consisting of an
> empty window. This window should have the property, that it will swallow
> all other application dragged upon it, so after the mouse-drag, they will
> appear inside the application.

something similar is with gmc's handling of desktop and icons. There
something like window without borders on the desktop, where icons live.
maybe there could be a feature to 'unmaximize' the root window? and to place
windows the same way as icons.

> This way all windows can be put into a parent window, the windows will
> still have the window manager look-n-feel, and any kind of windows can be
> combined into a parent windows. Now you can easily kill/minimize them all
> at once, or whatever you set fit.

does not window grouping help? sawmill has great features of grouping
windows and doing common tasks with them, also you can create 'matching
windows' items to group or set size of certain apps at any time they are
launched. Enlightenment features this also.

                        menESIs        (Gediminas Paulauskas)

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