RE: Option menu

I gave up, I use a combo box instead.

I'm using glade to build the interface, and I cannot control how the
interface is built. I found it a pity that GTK+ does not provide methods to
access selections in option menus and Clist... May be there are others.

Whoever is developing out there please ensure that such methods exist.

Franck Martin
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SOPAC South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
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		Am Thu, 16 Mar 2000 schrieb Franck Martin:
		>Sorry for such Trivia, I would lie to retrieve the selected
value of an
		>option menu widget in C. I do not wish to use
		>Can someone points me to the code ?

		bind the menu items with 

		gtk_signal_connect( GTK_OBJECT( menu_item[i] ),
			GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(menu_activate_cb ),
			(gpointer) i );

		to the

		static void
		menu_activate_cb( GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data ){
		    activated = (int) data;

		that's it.
		hope that helps
		>Franck Martin
		>Network and Database Development Officer
		>SOPAC South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
		>E-mail: <> 
		>Web site: <> 
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