Problem with latest CVS E and GNOME 1.1.5


I encountered a problem recently and confirmed it with a few other people
that for some reason the panel in 1.1.5 wasn't running properly with at
least the latest CVS E and possibly older versions.
After much grepping and a little help from some #e people I've tracked it
down - it's the new shortcuts that are used for the foot menu and run
launcher. If either of them is set to be a key that Enlightenment is using
(e.g. the windows key) then the panel produces an Xlib error from the
XGrabKey() call and then fails to properly register itself with the window

To solve this, simply remap the keys with gnomecc and restart the panel.

Should the panel not be detecting that the XGrabKeys() failed and carry on
regardless rather than going haywire?
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