GNOME 2.0 steering committee.

Hello guys,

   During Guadec, various GNOME hackers got together, and we assembled
the "GNOME 2.0 steering committee", this committee's purpose is
composed of seven hackers (a prime number as suggested by Jacob) to
overview and engineer the release of GNOME 2.0.

   Currently the time line for GNOME releases looks like this:

	April GNOME	-- An update release of GNOME: updated
			   translations, small bug fixes, small
			   improvements, gnome-core-1.2, new docs
			   from the GDP team.

	August GNOME    -- The new GNOME user land applications:
			   Nautilus and Evolution to be included in
			   this release, together with all the
			   regularly scheduled new applications.

        November GNOME  -- The updated GNOME platform is released:
			   everything that was on August GNOME ported
			   over to gtk-1.4/pango/gnome-libs-2.

   The steering committee will overlook the schedule, and make sure
both August GNOME and November GNOME are perfect.

best wishes,

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