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On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, cyberclay wrote:

> On Sun, 19 Mar 2000 13:33:39 you wrote:
> > I would like to address these problems by developing a library that can be
> > used in server daemons as well as in a Gnome/KDE application. I have seen
> > that someone has started something called GConf. perhaps that is a part in
> > whats needed but I miss some features in the GConf library ( as it is
> > described in ..
> > 
> Hey,
>   This is a wonderful idea.  It has been discussed before, though not on
> this list (iirc).  However, in creating such a library, you must realize
> that you risk making things only more complex.

This was discussed on comp.os.linux.development.system not long ago.
You can view the thread at,

and what I consider a most insightful reply at,

>   However, if your library became popular, it could be the solution to 
> this
> long standing issue.

Linuxconf is/was supposed to address similar issues, so maybe that
is worth studying first.  Personally, I find Linuxconf Ok for some
things, but for others I prefer simply using a text editor.

I don't mean to discourage people from working on alternatives,
I just wanted to add some different perspectives to the discussion.


Just in case some of you haven't read the classic Unix Wizard story...


A UNIX wizard hears cries of torment from his apprentice's computer room
where the apprentice is studying, and goes to investigate.
He finds the apprentice in obvious distress, nearly on the verge of tears.
"What's the problem?" he asks. "Why did you cry out?"
"It's terrible using this system. I must use four editors each day to get
my studies done, because not one of them does everything".
The wizard nods sagely, and asks "And what would you propose that will
solve this obvious dimemna?"
The student thinks carefully for several minutes, and his face then lights
up in delight. Excitedly he says "Well it's obvious. I will write the best
editor ever. It will do everything that the existing four editors do, but
do their jobs better, and faster. And because of my new editor, the world
will be a better place."
The wizard quickly raises his hand and smacks the apprentice on the side
of his head. The wizard is old and frail, and the apprentice isn't
physically hurt, but is shocked by what has happened. He turns his head to
face the wizard. "What have I done wrong?" he asks.
"Fool!" says the wizard. "Do you think I want to learn yet another
Immediately, the apprentice is enlightened.


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