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On Sun, 19 Mar 2000, Loban Rahman wrote:

I see no problem in expanding GConf to do whats needed if that is what
other people think but it would nice to list a number of requirements on
the new/modified library and then decide if that is the way to go. I hope
that the author(s) of GConf are interested in this.

About PAM: I see no ( right now ) problem to not use PAM for the security
library but lets list the requirements and see if PAM fits.

Before filling this mailing list with this discussion, is this a place for
this discussion or is there a better place?

//Mats Loman

> This is a nice idea, but instead of starting a new project, why not point
> out what's missing in GConf, and then help incorporating them in GConf.
> After all, GConf was meant to be a general configuration library/utility and
> not Gnome-specific. That takes care of the configuration library.
> As for the security library, I'm not sure what's available but doesn't PAM
> do something like that?
> > 1. There are too many types of configuration files.
> > 2. There ar no easy way to write gui apps for configuring different
> > apsects of linux/unix system.
> > 3. Security is not handled in a common central manner.
> > 
> > I would like to address these problems by developing a library that can be
> > used in server daemons as well as in a Gnome/KDE application. I have seen
> > that someone has started something called GConf. perhaps that is a part in
> > whats needed but I miss some features in the GConf library ( as it is
> > described in ..
> > 
> > Is there any interest in develop a general configuration and security
> > library. The security library i meant to be a tool that verifies user
> > access to different objects in the system. A such object can be the
> > ability to edit the user list, acces the FTP server, or .... 
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