RE: Gnome Media Library

> 	Cool.  Having a media interface similar/identical to BeOS would
> give us the added benefit that BeOS programmers would be comfortable
> writing Gnome applications, too.
> > This way, applications generally wouldn't have to know or 
> care what format
> > their audio or video files are in - so long as the 
> libraries can handle
> > them.
> 	So I think we're all in favor of a pluggable architecture.  It
> only makes sense.
> 	The GStreamer link from the media home page has some interesting
> stuff, but we should get the opinions of BeOS developers, MS 
> DirectShow
> developers, and whatever the Mac uses and try to come up with 
> an interface
> that is (a) familiar to experienced media programmers and (b) has a
> sensible architecture.  

The Mac uses quicktime for video(with sound) and a seperate API for just 
sound. The internals of quicktime handle many codecs so the programmer
doesn't have to worry. But I wouldn't use the Mac API as an example because
they came out during apple's bad years and there nothing particularly 
noteworthy about them. I used them to play movies between levels of a 
Star Trek "a final unity" (shameless plug) and it took all of 4 lines 
preRollMovie()   // Why this was need is beyond me, bad apple programming I

The sound API is strickly for mac sound formats.

NOTE: Star Trek a final unity was a terrible game don't waste your money
you get it for free of course.

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