Re: Gnome Media Library

> On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Nicholas Francis wrote:
> > > I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two - after
> > > the stream had better be playable in real-time, or you might as well
> > > download the whole file first. :)
> >
> > There are several advantages to streaming:
> It seems like you're trying to give me a comparison between two pieces of
> the puzzle, which I'm not convinced overlap or conflict...

Actually, the phrase 'advantages to streaming' was badly chosen. But
sometimes you want real time, other times you want some sort of buffering
mechanism, in order to be able to cross a large network distance...

> In addition,
> "streaming" is very ambiguous to me - it does not have a widely accepted
> definition like "real-time" (although that is often used in equally vague
> terms :)

I agree. I suggest we try to move away from that word. We are not trying to
define a 'streaming' system. We are trying to define a system, that can be
used for 'streaming' (this way, we don't have to define what streaming
actually is - clever, eh? :).

What I think we should do is try to come up with a list of possible uses...
This way, we have a much better basis for making our abstractions.

> > > Anyways, no, GMF is not just an equivalent of gAlan or other lockstep
> > > filter networks. It handles QoS issues etc.
> >
> > QoS ?
> Quality of Service.

Sorry for being dumb, but what exactly is this ?


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