Re: Gnome Media Library

# > Quality of Service.
# Sorry for being dumb, but what exactly is this ?

My understanding of QoS is that it's a name given to mechanisms which do
their best to achieve certain goals in sofar as quality goes. Hold on,
that didn't explain anything :-)

In terms of media streaming, I understood it to refer to software which
tries to guarantee a particular frame rate compared to network speed, that
sort of thing - sort of how RealPlayer will let you try and push it to get
25fps (yeah, right).

There's various techniques for doing this sort of thing, and I'm not hot
on any of them. I seem to remember that they all pretty much depend fairly
heavily on the individual codecs being used.

If anybody can give a more accurate description I'd like to hear it too -
I'm sure I'm quite off-beam somewhere up there.

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