Re: Gnome Media Library

> If anybody can give a more accurate description I'd like to hear it too -
> I'm sure I'm quite off-beam somewhere up there.

	In the networking world, QoS (I believe, I've never seen a formal
definition) means different bandwidth rates to different customers.  So if
you have a single T1 network connection, 10% of that bandwidth might go to
customer A, and 90% might go to customer B.  Being able to dictate the
"Quality" of their service--instead of being trapped by the hardware's
maximum data rate--is QoS.

	I've never seen QoS used in the media world.  I'd assume QoS means
audio/video streams at different Kbit/second rates, using different
compression ratios and such.  I'd love to see a formal definition.

--Derek Simkowiak

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