Re: Gnome Media Library: my point of view

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Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2000 4:26 PM
Subject: Gnome Media Library: my point of view

> Hi, I'm the author of Electric Ears, an audio editor.

Well met - Since you would be one of my end users, is there any chance of
getting you to join the Media Library mailing list ?
> IMHO writing a good gnome media library is a quite difficult issue.
> But we are the best hackers on the earth, so come on! :-)
What problems have you encountered? what cool stuff have you seen ?
> A good gnome media library should provide good interfaces to different
> programs:
> - net-streaming: for example something like RealAudio/RealVideo
> - real-time processing: for example ARTS
> - post-editing; for example Electric Ears or Goldwave for win
> Everyone of these could use all strange features of every meta-file format
> they like.
> So a general interface to all formats is useful, but it would be better
> to have also the possibility to work on strange features.
What strange features have you had a need for ? (I'm not saying there is no
need, just trying to find out what people actually need).
> My 0.02 euro.

My 0.02 dkr.


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