Re: Media Library, pt. 2

> # > Seriously, though, I don't know :-( If Be were willing to put some
> # > engineers onto it, it's something that would need considering
carefully. I
> # > wouldn't want a collaborative project which could be this big fall
> # > because of a disagreement on interfaces. :-)
> #
> # Agreed - also we need to think larger than just Gnome - how about KDE ?
> # far as I know they are still stuck with XMovie...
> On my recent trek to McDonald's, I had a think about this :)
> As far as CORBA vs C++ goes, why not do both? We provide a C++ _API_ but
> use CORBA as the back-end where appropriate (i.e., GNOME). It'd be a
> little extra effort, but it'd mean that portability of the library would
> be boosted several-fold.

What I think you mean is that we use C++ as a back-end and then wrap it up
in CORBA. However, I'm very afraid that we will get a lot of BeOS code that
cannot be used under Gnome, and vica-verca.

What sort of component architecture do BeOS have ? If they have CORBA, no
problem - if they have COM or DCOM, damn - if they don't have any, they're
like KDE (on their way to extinction :)

But seriously, we need to find a range of platforms to run on Gnome/Linux
is one, BeOS might be one, KDE might be one, Mac might be one (but probably
won't), win32 (?). Then we see what component model they provide, and what
we can and can't do.

> And as far as this being a not-just-GNOME thing, I was waiting for you to
> mention it -- if you didn't, I was going to :) Perhaps a message on the
> gnome-kde-list would be in order?

I'll do it.

> As an aside, if this project needs any net-type resources (web space,
> email forwarding, web design, etc), inter/open would be happy to provide
> them/host the project - whatever's required.

Well, I have my own site a, so i can do pretty much
anything there - however, web/design (read: maintenance) would be great. I'm
quite busy with Trinity, and lots of other things as well...

> Mo.

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