Re: Media Library, pt. 2

# What I think you mean is that we use C++ as a back-end and then wrap it up
# in CORBA. However, I'm very afraid that we will get a lot of BeOS code that
# cannot be used under Gnome, and vica-verca.

Actually, I meant the other way around - if the GNOME implementation uses
CORBA, then let it- but all the implementations should provide the same
C++ interface, regardless of what the back-end is. I have no real clue as
to how workable this is, though. (Probably not very).
# What sort of component architecture do BeOS have ? If they have CORBA, no
# problem - if they have COM or DCOM, damn - if they don't have any, they're
# like KDE (on their way to extinction :)

For a lot of things, it's homegrown. When they developed the BeOS, they
found that most RPC/automation mechanisms just weren't quick enough for
the realtime stuff that the Media Kit does (have a look at some of the
demos that ship with the BeOS and you'll see why :)

Mind you, we still need to figure out exactly what is being provided by
this. And, just as importantly, work out how it fits in with toolkits
which provide the services that this won't (so an application doesn't
have to embrace a completely different style of working for every type of
media operation it performs :)

# But seriously, we need to find a range of platforms to run on Gnome/Linux
# is one, BeOS might be one, KDE might be one, Mac might be one (but probably
# won't), win32 (?). Then we see what component model they provide, and what
# we can and can't do.

It depends. Why not bring in a level of abstraction? Provide the same API
on each platform, and hide the details of the implementation behind it
(as any good API should).

# Well, I have my own site a, so i can do pretty much
# anything there - however, web/design (read: maintenance) would be great. I'm
# quite busy with Trinity, and lots of other things as well...

I'm happy to do web design (it's one area where I *do* have some
experience!) and provide a UK mirror of the site if necessary - our server
is sat on the same network as (amonst others) the machine that carries

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