Re: Gnome Media Library

Mo McKinlay wrote:

> #       Can we call it "OpenML"?  It would go with OpenGL and Loki's
> # OpenAL... :)
> We could be cheeky and call it OpenX, with OpenDraw, OpenShow, OpenPlay
> and OpenSound components :-)
> *duck*
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If you get the hopefully differentlu named OpenPlay to be compatible with
Microsoft's DirectPlay, I know about 10,000 game developers that would give
you a kiss.  Well, a hug at least.  OK, a beer?  I wouldn't kiss you... ;-)

But seriously, compatibility is a big thing.  If the API was, for example,
similar to DirectX, that would make porting of all those nifty Windows apps
(such as games, or high-end music progs like SoundForge or Acid Pro).  Or, we
could make our own API, then someone could go and write a wrapper library...
that would be nifty.  I think that anything that makes transition from
Windows/Max to Linux easier, for developers or users, is a "good thing,"
since that means we can get less the computer-savvy users over to the "open"
side and some of the more stubborn (read: foolish) programmers, too.


Sean Middleditch

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