Re: Gnome Media Library

> But seriously, compatibility is a big thing.  If the API was, for example,
> similar to DirectX, that would make porting of all those nifty Windows apps

a) I don't want an API that sucks, just for compatibility's sake

b) It could very well be that DirectX is used for the win32 implementation
of our Open standard.  Quicktime might be used to implement the Mac
version of our API.  We really need an open interface--and to that end,
I've heard that the DirectX family is difficult to program for (I've never
used it, myself)

	One thing we haven't figured out is what language this will be in.
It needs to be object oriented, but C++ sucks.  I'd prefer to design an
architecture/API that could be implemented in any Object-Oriented system,

o  C++
o  GtkObject  <-- (for Gnome)
o  GObject    <-- (for the Gtk+ 2.0 line)
o  Java
o  Objective C
o  ...etc...

	Ideally, we could simply specify a list of public data members
and methods, with well-documented behaviours and return values.  Then the
language would not matter.  It would be a truly "open" standard.

	But again, I don't understand the architecture enough to say if we
need to decide on a language or not.



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