Re: Gnome Media Library

# a) I don't want an API that sucks, just for compatibility's sake

Of course not - but an API that doesn't suck *and* is portable should be
attainable. At least, I'd hope so.
# 	One thing we haven't figured out is what language this will be in.
# It needs to be object oriented, but C++ sucks.  I'd prefer to design an
# architecture/API that could be implemented in any Object-Oriented system,
# including

# 	Ideally, we could simply specify a list of public data members
# and methods, with well-documented behaviours and return values.  Then the
# language would not matter.  It would be a truly "open" standard.

This is what I'm hoping it'll end up like, at which point it doesn't even
need to be implemented using an OOP language (in the same way that you can
use vanilla C to work with OLE/COM).

Like you, though, I don't know enough about it all ;-(

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