Re: Gnome Media Library

> I propose calling the new, open, cross-platform,
> language-independent multimedia programming interface
> OpenMedia

And then we suggest to rename the kernel to OpenLinux ? How about OpenGimp,
OpenGnome ?

If it has to have some sort of name where the first part is based on
something else, i insist on it being 'Free' as in Free Software.

> If that's okay with people, I'll apply for
> and I'll buy the domain
>, and start the web site design immediately.  Then
> we can create a dedicated mailing list and move the discussion over there.
> If I don't hear any objections by tomorrow, I'll proceed with the
> above actions.


Hold your horses. You behave like the world is going to end in less than a
Enthusiasm is a good thing, but this is downright ridculous. If we rush into
this thing we'll just have YAML (Yet Another Media Library)

If you feel that you MUST do something RIGHT NOW, i guess there is no harm
in starting some HTML coding... You can always add the logo at a later date.


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