Re: Media Library, pt. 2

# 	Since we want the involvement of (off the top of my head): Be, SGI
# (a big digital media software company, with a heavy interest in Linux,
# developers of OpenGL), KDE, Loki (the primary Linux media-porting company
# at present, developers of the OpenAL library), and others (possibly
# Sony--who will want to attract media developers for the PS2's successor,
# possibly Intel--who will want to see the reference implementations use
# MMX and support the Indeo codec, possibly Apple--whose QuickTime API does 
# not seem as flexible as DirectX).

Woooah! That's a *lot* of big players. If things did go ahead like that,
Microsoft would immediately want to join in (or else get very snotty about
it all), and the relatively small folks amongst us could start to feel
somewhat outnumbered.

Incidentally, I want to take this opportunity to officially pledge
inter/open's support for this project (whatever it turns out to be :-) -
I might even be able to persaude some of my team to join in  with
development (no promises though :()

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