Re: Media Library, pt. 2

> Or a CORBA interface... :)

	I think the best thing to do is define public data members and
functions, without specifying any particular language.  Basically, define
the API in a OOP fashion without specifying a particular language.  Maybe
using XML...

	Gnome (and who knows what) will have Open Source, reference
implementations in various languages available.

	Corba may be too slow for high-quality realtime media streaming
(Digital Video via Firewire over Corba?  Sounds iffy).  Win32 may want to
implement this with COM.  Gnome needs a GtkObject-based implementation.  
These are a few reasons I'd like to keep it language independent.

> > So I guess the next step is to get serious about forming a
> > consortium.
> >
> What exactly is the definition of 'consortium' ? Do we want one ?

(According to
     A group of individuals or companies formed to undertake an enterprise
or activity that would be beyond the capabilities of the individual

	Since we want the involvement of (off the top of my head): Be, SGI
(a big digital media software company, with a heavy interest in Linux,
developers of OpenGL), KDE, Loki (the primary Linux media-porting company
at present, developers of the OpenAL library), and others (possibly
Sony--who will want to attract media developers for the PS2's successor,
possibly Intel--who will want to see the reference implementations use
MMX and support the Indeo codec, possibly Apple--whose QuickTime API does 
not seem as flexible as DirectX).

	I would say that constitutes a consortium.

> There is a programming language called ML. Also, just because we are an
> open-source-project doesn't mean we should neccessarily have an the word
> 'open' in our title...

	No, but we are aiming for an "open" API.  The "Open" comes
from the fact that the API is not dictated by, say, Microsoft (ala
DirectX or COM), but by a group of experts.

	There will very likely be closed-source implementations of our
open API (if we're successful in this endeavor, that is :).

	I like the name "OpenMedia API" because it's descriptive and
accurate, and having "Open" in the name seems to be a popular in the
commercial sector these days.

> > Could this API be used to control DVD players?
> The question is not whether is could... The question is whether is should.

	That's what I meant... :)

> I have 5 yrs. experience with C++, 6 mths experience with Media Programming,
> and I run a small film production house.

	I hope you can dedicate some time toward this, then!  I'd love to
see people like you working on this.

> Depends. If we want to make it a part of Gnome-Libs, then perhaps we should
> try to get a place on the Gnome website / gnome CVS. We might be able to de
> better evangelization from that position...

	I think that we should separate the API from the library.  There
will probably be a website for the Gnome implementation of the OpenMedia
API, and probably a CVS repository for the Gnome library, but I believe Mo
and myself are targeting a cross-platform API that doesn't have anything
directly to do with Gnome.

> My limit is 20 hrs/week. (although knowing me, it will more likely be 50 :)



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