Re: GStreamer for Media Library

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, David Benson wrote:

> We looked at/tried briefly gstreamer, but I was unable to
> make a satifactory mixer in it.  [basically the sources
> weren't able to block for input, which i needed].

I think it might be much closer to what you need now, of course you've
already got something working.  There is no functional audio source yet
because no one's needed it, but it should be easy to get working.  The new
scheduling mechanism makes blocking for sources easy, since things
actually run in separate contexts now.  The threading model will be
complete enough for that as soon as I get a chance to put the code I did
Tuesday into CVS (I'm trying to follow this thread and now get some more
information on the website right now, bleagh).  Some of the stuff we're
doing at work will require a lot of the same things, so getting them
functional is definitely a priority. 

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