Re: frontend to gnu compiler

> > Is there a gtk+ frontend to the gnu compiler similar to KDE's?
> There was a gIDE project, but I am not sure how far they have gone
> with it. 

	The biggest problem we have is that Gtk+ does not have a "real"
text widget.  It is holding back the IDE department.

	The current text widget cannot scroll horizontally, and (my)
processor usage jumps up to 100% at every keystroke.  It does not support
block mode selection, line numbers, or multiple views.  The code base is
also difficult to maintain/improve.

	Havoc Pennington is finishing up a new text widget, which is
insanely powerful (at the cost of memory), and I am also working on a new
text widget (which will have a more light-weight design).  There are other
projects as well (such as GtkExText, and others).

	Within the next couple of months, there should be a new, final,
improved Gtk+ text widget, and expect some good IDEs to show up a couple
of months after that.  

	In the meantime, Nedit or Code Crusader are good if you're from
the Mac or MS-Windows world.


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