This is a very generic question so please bear with me.
 I am writing an app using gnome-python. Now my problem is that there are no usable html widgets (included in present gnome) although there is one from CVS that compiles but its python bindings or itself fails on gnome-print_newpath something which is an undefined reference or so. Also, gnome does not allow easy creation of menus and toolbars unless you are doing one GnomeApp with one menubar and one toolbar. After that you must go to gtk and it is horrible to use.

 I suddenly discovered wxGTK and its python bindings and it has it all to create good-looking apps: easy-html support, easy menu and toolbars creation ....

 As I have not started with it yet, I was just wondering if there is anything about using it. I mean are there any limitations? Is there any reason I should wait for gnome to include good text, good html, easy menu/toolbar creations (if it is ever done) and not switch to wxGTK?

 Thanks for reading all of the above

H. Aurag

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