Re: wxGTK

On Sat, Mar 25, 2000 at 10:40:47AM -0500, Hassan Aurag wrote:
>  As I have not started with it yet, I was just wondering if there is
>  anything about using it. I mean are there any limitations? Is there
>  any reason I should wait for gnome to include good text, good html,
>  easy menu/toolbar creations (if it is ever done) and not switch to wxGTK?


I've done some work with the C++ side of wxwindows. I haven't tried
wxpython at all.

I think the biggest disadvantage to using wxgtk is you'll be giving up
all the gnome settings users can do. Things like "Do I want grippies
in my menubars?" have to be configured by the application.

You also lose free access to the stock icons, etc.

You do, as you mention in your other mail, get the potential for 
crossplatform support for very little effort. (until you add testing
and maintenance maybe).  Gtk might run on windows, but it definitely
stands out in the crowd.  wxwin on windows uses native controls.

You also have to think about losing access to all the new gnome apis
just around the corner. However, I did see on the wxwindows cvs archive 
that work has been done to wrap the wxOLE classes around bonobo. (which
has the potential to be very cool). 

I'd suggest checking out the mailing lists (they're archived) at and the wxpython site (linked from the
main page)

Hope that helps.
Sam Hunter <>

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