Re: CORBA, ORBit and Bonobo questions? (maybe be offtopic, but I have my reasons)

> [1] Whats the difference between a ".idl" file and a ".gnorba" file? I
> know ".idl" files define the CORBA interfaces of the object to the outside
> world, someting like C header files. But then  what are ".gnorba" files
> for?

a .gnorba file is used to define existing services in the system.
They contain:

	1. A unique identifier for an object (the GOAD ID)
	2. The list of interfaces that the object supports.
	3. A way of activating the object.

> [2] I got latest Bonobo sources from CVS. So I compiled them and installed
> them. I ran the "sample-container" program, which is like a small
> demonstration of components and stuff. But when I opened the "Select a
> component to embed" menuitem, there are no selectable components in the
> list. So is it because it looking for the ".idl" files in the wrong
> place.? Or something else. I have a RH v6.0 linux box, but bonobo is
> installed in /usr/local?

You need to set your GNOME_PATH variable to point to /usr/local.  Or
you have to install Bonobo with the same prefix that your gnome-libs
was configured (ie, they have to share the etc/CORBA directory).

> [3] Is there any "CORBA, ORBit and Bonobo: Learn by Example" kinda 
> tutorial no the net? Right now I'm stuck with the examples in the bonobo
> sources.

Try bonobo/doc/Bonobo.sgml

> [4] Whats the differences between goad-browser (installed by my GNOME
> rpms, i think) and bonobrowser (installed by the bonobo sources which I
> got from CVS and compiled)?

goad-browser lets you browse the components installed in the system.
Bon-o-browser is a more complete program.


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