Anti-aliased GnomeCanvas

	I'm having a strange problem playing about with the GnomeCanvas in 
anti-aliased mode. I need to draw some lines onto the canvas and group them. 
Although it's drawing the lines I ask it to, it also seems to add some extra 
lines in there, going back to 0,0. I've cut the code down to the following:

  GnomeCanvasPoints * points;
  GnomeCanvasGroup * group;
  GnomeCanvasItem * item;

  group = gnome_canvas_root(GNOME_CANVAS(_canvas));
  points = gnome_canvas_points_new(6);
  points->coords[0] = 150;
  points->coords[1] = 100;
  points->coords[2] = 200;
  points->coords[3] = 100;
  points->coords[4] = 200;
  points->coords[5] = 200;
  item = gnome_canvas_item_new(group,
			       "points", points,
			       "fill_color_rgba", 0xff000080,
			       "width_pixels", 3,

  group = GNOME_CANVAS_GROUP(gnome_canvas_item_new(group,
						   "x", 0.0,
						   "y", 0.0,

Basically a red line gets drawn at 150,100 to 200,100 to 200,200 to 0, 0. I 
can pop a screenshot up if it'd be of any use to anyone.

Is it meant to draw back to 0,0, or is this a bug in the canvas, or my code? 
Having the canvas draw back to 0,0 would be pretty inconvenient for what I 
want to do with it.

Thanks in advance,


PS I'm using the latest (1.0 series) libraries that come with Debian (woody), 
so the libs are pretty up-to-date ;)

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