Re: GQview

> Has anyone on this list heard from John Ellis (the gqview author)
> recently?

Well, he _is_ still alive.  (He posted to this list yesterday, at least.)
GQview and GQmpeg seem to be abandoned projects, but I don't know what the
official word is.

GQview still remains my image viewer of choice, though.  Early on John
was very receptive to my suggestions and pretty much every one of them was
implemented.  Unfortunately he seems to have put it on the back-burner.

I sent him a couple emails a few months ago about the way GQview handles
command line arguments but never heard back from him.

> If no one's heard from him, it may need a new maintainer...  :)

Of course the first thing is to email him directly about this
(  But I assume you've already done that since
you're asking if anyone has heard from him.  If you still don't hear
back from him after repeated attempts, and given that GQview appears to
be abandoned, I don't imagine anyone would object to your assuming the
maintainer role.  (I certainly wouldn't.)

But considering that he posted here just yesterday means he's kicking
around _somewhere_.  I'd hold off just a bit.  John? :)


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