Re: GQview

Jason Tackaberry wrote:
> > Has anyone on this list heard from John Ellis (the gqview author)
> > recently?

I am still alive :)

> Well, he _is_ still alive.  (He posted to this list yesterday, at least.)
> GQview and GQmpeg seem to be abandoned projects, but I don't know what the
> official word is.
> GQview still remains my image viewer of choice, though.  Early on John
> was very receptive to my suggestions and pretty much every one of them was
> implemented.  Unfortunately he seems to have put it on the back-burner.

Back-burner explains it rather well, I do plan to resume work soon.
(probably move to sourceforge first though for CVS, mailing list,

> I sent him a couple emails a few months ago about the way GQview handles
> command line arguments but never heard back from him.

A few patches have piled up, maybe I should make a quick release in a
few weeks or so. Once gdk-pixbuf reaches point that has everything I
need (losing large gnome-libs dependency, basic png save capability
for thumb cache), conversion to use gdk-pixbuf will be done, it has
several advantages.
> > If no one's heard from him, it may need a new maintainer...  :)
> Of course the first thing is to email him directly about this
> (  But I assume you've already done that since
> you're asking if anyone has heard from him.  If you still don't hear
> back from him after repeated attempts, and given that GQview appears to
> be abandoned, I don't imagine anyone would object to your assuming the
> maintainer role.  (I certainly wouldn't.)
> But considering that he posted here just yesterday means he's kicking
> around _somewhere_.  I'd hold off just a bit.  John? :)

Well, it's not abandoned.. just been on hold for a while :)

Next I guess people will wonder if gqmpeg will be/is abandoned. Not
really, I would like to move it to use gdk-pixbuf as well.

And maybe make it work with the gnome media API once that becomes
useable. I never really like working on the media playing mechanism
(to mpg123, etc.), but concentrating more on the other features.


John Ellis <>

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