GtkHTML 0.1 is out

Hello happy GNOMErs,

the first public (unstable, unfinished) release of GtkHTML is out.

GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library.  GtkHTML is not designed
to be the ultimate HTML browser/editor: instead, it is designed to be
easily embedded into applications that require lightweight HTML

GtkHTML was originally based on KDE's KHTMLW widget, but is now
developed independently of it.  The most important difference between
KHTMLW and GtkHTML, besides being GTK-based, is that GtkHTML is also
an editor.  Thanks to the Bonobo editor component that comes with the
library, it's extremely simple to add HTML editing to an existing

* Availability:

* Authors:

The following people contributed to this release of GtkHTML:

  Jonas Borgström <>
  Anders Carlsson <>
  Radek Doulik <>
  Larry Ewing <>
  Josip A. Gracin <>
  Richard Hult <>
  Miguel de Icaza <>
  Martin Jones <>
  Elliot Lee  <>
  Havoc Pennington <>
  Ettore Perazzoli <>
  Ariel Rios <>
  Torben Weis <>


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