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Hello gnomers,

I'll continue hacking sodipodi, which was (blame me!) abandoned for more
than 2 months.
As a first step, I'll:

- merge in small patches from quiet period
- try to clean up automaking stuff
- kill some most-obvious small bugs
- try to generate RPMSs

Then I've many ideas

- Making canvas really asyncronous - i.e. 2-level rendering (first fast,
then high-quality) in separate threads
- Write fastart counterpart for libart for quick display
- Move xml stuff to DOM
- Rewrite whole program (it is always good thing to do ;-))
- Implement 'NamedViews' objects (to save different views)
- Implement guides & grids
- Implement tree view of objects
- Bonoboize it (bot as container and as component)
- etc. etc.

If anybody:
- wishes to help
- has some otherwise good ideas
I would be very pleased.


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