Re: System administration with GNOME.

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Matias Mutchinick wrote:

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> > Hello guys,
> > 
> >    One subject we have avoided during a long time in GNOME was the one
> > of writing system administration tools.  As time passes, it becomes
> > more obvious that we must address this to offer users a complete
> > desktop solution.
> > 
> >    We need to define a central place where configuration tools for the
> > system could be launched and write the tools.

First of all, here are only a few suggestions. I don't intend to be part
of this project since I am busy on another one people here will probably
appreciate at some point.

Last year I was working at a company who used Novell Netware as their
NOS. I think there might be some interesting things to take from that
system to some extent:
- server-centralized configuration, which means that the Windows clients
  registry could be configured from the administration console. The
  registry being updated at login time.
- predefined set of applications on a per group/user basis. Each
  group/user can be assigned particular applications they/he may use
  individually. This by putting an 
  icon in the Netware equivalent of the old program manager, or on the
  user's desktop or in the user's start menu.

This is not directly related to GNOME configuration abilities through it
has some influences on it. Now everyone is free to accept or
reject those ideas. But I think this could lead GNOME to be a great
distributed desktop system.

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