Re: Back to Sodipodi!

>  I'll continue hacking sodipodi, which was (blame me!) abandoned for more
>  than 2 months.

Fantastic!  Sodipodi is an awesome program.

>  Then I've many ideas
>  - Making canvas really asyncronous - i.e. 2-level rendering (first fast,
>  then high-quality) in separate threads
>  - Write fastart counterpart for libart for quick display

I would really really appreciate it (i.e. would owe you large amounts
of beer) if you could take a look at the CANVAS_CLEANUP branch of
gnome-libs to see how the canvas is being fixed.  I think some of the
performance problems will go away once the cleanup in that branch is

I don't think libart is slow per se; the problem is that it still has
correctness issues.  It should be fixed and then profiled.

So far people have sent me exactly zero patches for the CANVAS_CLEANUP

If you are interested in working on this, please tell me so that I can
tell you about the changes I was making.

>  - Move xml stuff to DOM

Is this necessary?

>  - Implement guides & grids

I don't know how much you want to depend on a development gnome-libs,
or even the CANVAS_CLEANUP branch, but I would like to add a way to
override the way the canvas draws its background.  This would be
useful for omnipresent things such as a grid.



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