Re: Back to Sodipodi!

On 27 Mar 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > - Move xml stuff to DOM
> A move back to DOM?  I do not understand.  Can you give more details?

Actually it started as a hack between gill (which uses gdome as backbone) 
& ezpaint. But I had no patience with gdome (ask Raph why ;-)), so I
implemented document (SVG, i.e. XML) backbone as standalone lightweight
library. Sodipodi exists as 2-level wrapper around that backbone (object
level & GUI level). Non-interactive editing is usually done to xml tree
(grouping etc.), interactive (node-editing) to object tree.

But using DOM for backbone has some neat features, I'd like to use,
the main one being standardized CORBA interface. Just image plugin
writing! Single interface for all plugins, so these are completely
interchangeable between sodipodi, sketch, killustrator, maybe also gimp,
gnumeric etc...

Or is DOM not considered a standard part of (future) Gnome architecture


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