Re: gnome-core / gnome-applets "deep freeze"

> I myself want to see this happen, the 2 structures in GdkPixbuf right
> now is not very nice. 
> But if this happens, my only request is to have everything in the CVS
> fixed for the new changes:
> 	achtung, balsa, control-center, beast, gill, gnome-core,
> 	gnome-libs HEAD, gnome-perl, evolution, eog, gtkhtml, ganimal,
> 	nautilus, sodipodi, pixbuf-engine 
> Wow.  I did not know it was so popular :-)

One of the reason there are public accessors in GdkPixbuf is so that, if
we did decide to do this, no code would have to be changed.  Shame on those
who didn't use them. (-:


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