Re: gnome-core / gnome-applets "deep freeze"

> OK, what it comes down to is:
>  - We make life harder for gnome-core now by changing gdk-pixbuf
>    before we release it
> or
>  - We make life harder for all application developers when we move 
>    to GTK 1.4, by changing gdk-pixbuf after it's already been released

I myself want to see this happen, the 2 structures in GdkPixbuf right
now is not very nice. 

But if this happens, my only request is to have everything in the CVS
fixed for the new changes:

	achtung, balsa, control-center, beast, gill, gnome-core,
	gnome-libs HEAD, gnome-perl, evolution, eog, gtkhtml, ganimal,
	nautilus, sodipodi, pixbuf-engine 

Wow.  I did not know it was so popular :-)

Best wishes,

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