Re: gnome-core / gnome-applets "deep freeze"

George <> writes: 
> Oh sure there are ... or better IS a function to render artpixbufs and as far
> as I remember I do use it.  It's not like it's impossible to do it otherwise,
> I can just figure out alpha/no alpha and use the rgb functions of libart.  My
> concern is that it's a little bit too large of a change for both gdk-pixbuf
> and gnome-core this close to a release.

OK, what it comes down to is:

 - We make life harder for gnome-core now by changing gdk-pixbuf
   before we release it


 - We make life harder for all application developers when we move 
   to GTK 1.4, by changing gdk-pixbuf after it's already been released

So, I need an executive decision.

I think the GTK maintainers can't be convinced to depend on libart,
until libart shows more signs of maintenance than 4 ChangeLog entries
in January and then a few in September, accompanied by assorted AA
canvas segfaults.

Maybe they could be convinced to create a parallel structure to
ArtPixBuf and leave GdkPixbuf with its current structure
(GdkArtPixBufClone inside the GdkPixbuf), I don't know.

I think the change shouldn't push back gnome-core too much, because it
can't really introduce bugs, no semantics are changed. That's what I
meant when I said it was just a rename operation.


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