Gnome, sourceforge, etherape

Hi, I'm developping etherape, a network monitor modeled after etherman.

In order to display the diagram, I'm using the canvas, which makes
things incredibly easy, so etherape is a gnome app. I started using
sourceforge to develop my app, and I like it very much. Nevertheless, in
doing so I've run into several doubts, like...

* The app entry for etherape in gnome says dev. code is in CVS. Should I
change it since the CVS server is that of sourceforge and not gnome?

* I found today that gnome has it's own bug tracking system, and there
even were a couple of old reports that I knew nothing about since it was
not automatically forwarded to me and I use the bug tracking system at
sourceforge. Is there any way to refer users of etherape to the
bug-tracking system at sourceforge? I've been browsing the gnome-tickets
documentation, and I don't even see how to set myself as maintainer of

* What do I have to do so that etherape gets into the main distribution?
Should it even be a part of the main gnome distribution?

At any rate, let me congratulate everybody for producing gnome in the
first place, particularly Federico. Etherape is but a demo app of basic
canvas capabilities.


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