Re: Back to Sodipodi!

# The problem with many GNU packages is their relative lack of exposure for 
# larger audience. GNU homepage is way too spartan and difficult to
# navigate.
# I understand, that pretty webpage is of lesser importance than good
# program, but FSF seems to be interested in PROPAGATING free
# software... So little advertisement will do only good.

This is something I've thought about. I know this is starting to go
somewhat off-topic, but would anybody out there be interested in setting
up a version of that looked and felt like a nicely designed
business web site? I don't mean flashing text, loads of pictures and JS
popups, but a site which is *attractive*, informative *and* easy to

If anybody's interested, contact me off-list and we can discuss it


Mo McKinlay             Chief Software Architect              inter/open          

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