Re: gnome-core / gnome-applets "deep freeze"

    jrb> One of the reason there are public accessors in GdkPixbuf is
    jrb> so that, if we did decide to do this, no code would have to
    jrb> be changed.  Shame on those who didn't use them. (-:

  This is just a consequence of the (broken) GTK+ way people are used
to.  Also, I have heard gdk-pixbuf maintainers advocate usage of the
struct fields directly more than once.  (You know who you are. :-))

  If we really want to enforce usage of the accessor functions (and I
truly hope we do), we should make the structs private and hide them
behind an opaque typedef.  Or at the very least, mark the fields as
"private" with big comments in the headers.

  Neither of these things happened with gdk-pixbuf, so it's no wonder
people are using the fields directly.


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