[Fwd: bonobo/gnome-bonobo.h]

Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi all!
> I've made RPMs from a fresh bonobo copy from CVS (0.9, yesterday), and
> when trying to compile a file using GnomeEmbeddableFactory, I get an
> error about this being an undefined symbol. Two days ago, this same code
> compiled fine with another hand-made RPM from CVS (0.8, three weeks
> ago).
> So, I had a look at GtkHTML (also yesterday's checkout from CVS), which
> uses GnomeEmbeddableFactory, and this file includes
> <bonobo/gnome-bonobo.h>, which is not in the bonobo CVS copy!!!
> So, is there something being changed at the same time I did the
> checkout? or what is wrong?

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