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Federico Mena Quintero <> writes:

> >  - Implement guides & grids
> I don't know how much you want to depend on a development gnome-libs,
> or even the CANVAS_CLEANUP branch, but I would like to add a way to
> override the way the canvas draws its background.  This would be
> useful for omnipresent things such as a grid.

A grid is not necessarily on the bottom. In Sketch, for instance, the
grid is just a special layer and you can have it anywhere you want in
the layer stack, at the bottom, at the top or in the middle between the
other layers. The default is even at the top, because I find that that
is more useful because you can always see the grid points.

Eventually, Sketch will likely allow several grid layers each of which
can be separately switched on and off.

But nevertheless, overriding the canvas background would probably be
useful for some applications.

Bernhard Herzog   | Sketch, a drawing program for Unix  |

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