Re: System administration with GNOME.

Hi Miguel,

On 26 Mar 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>    One subject we have avoided during a long time in GNOME was the one
> of writing system administration tools.  As time passes, it becomes
> more obvious that we must address this to offer users a complete
> desktop solution.

	Ah, Finally! I was waiting for this :-) 

>    I am inclined to think that we can do all these tools using
> Python/GNOME or Perl/GNOME for most of these tasks.  So we need to get
> volunteers to work on the various things.

	I vote for Perl. And yes, I'd _love_ to work on this.

>         4. I can set up a mailing list to discuss this if there is
>            enough interest.

	Yes, I think you should do that once this thread picks up enough

>     So who wants to help? ;-)
	Count me in any day of the year :-) 



"Never mind, my friend, if the world finds you queer: 
 Just do your own thing !"

	Ravi Pratap M 	<>

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