Re: System administration with GNOME.

Hi there,

On Sun, 26 Mar 2000, Hassan Aurag wrote:

>  -Please no central configuration files. I hate registries.

	Well, I agree with Mo when he says that it is the implementation
that is done haphazardly. The concept, if implemented correctly, is
wonderful IMHO.

>  -Use existing configuration tools, since all OS's have their own 
> usually text based stuff and in the worst case one can edit 
> configuration files by hand.

	Exactly. As far as possible, this should be done. However, in some
cases we shall have to write our own but that's perfectly okay, I suppose.

>  -Make a central tool that 'ships' with the correct set of plugins a 
> la linuxconf. Allow plugins to be added. We could have plugins for 
> firewall, protsentries, device settings, apache.

	Right. I suppose that's what Miguel had in mind in the very first
mail and indeed, it makes sense.	

>  -Like linuxconf, plug yourself in the init sequence, preferably at 
> the end so that we can reset stuff that might be misconfigured.

	I'm not so sure about that. Maybe there isn't any need but
somebody more knowledgable than me should know better.

>  In the end, I think that making a better linuxconf would be the right 
> way to go.

	The interface for Linuxconf really needs to be the _last_ thing we
should emulate in our tool :-)



"Never mind, my friend, if the world finds you queer: 
 Just do your own thing !"

	Ravi Pratap M 	<>

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