Re: System administration with GNOME.

> To implement (1) does not mean moving to central registry - only unified
> in-memory representation. But you can still dump meta-config-data into
> separate (xml?) file - imagine what it means for people needing kickstart
> installs etc.

WOW Lauris!  We arrived to the same conclussion!

But you were faster than I was :-)

> Writing (2) is probably trickiest part (sendmail!) - but if we would have
> well-designed (1), it is mostly mechanical work (read spec and write yacc)

Yes.  Sendmail is one pretty bad thing to handle.

My impression is that we should write a frontend not for the native
/etc/ file (as it can describe anything, from a sendmail
configuration, to a towers-of-hanoi game), but to rather manipulate a
sendmail.config that can only contain keywords for the m4 macros that
sendmail ships with.

And we would only tweak this, and generate the from the
master file.


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