Re: Three further ideas on sysadmin stuff.

On 27 Mar 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> A few more ideas I had this morning:
> 	1. We need to have each one of our modules support
>            --dump-state and --restore-state.
> 	   The state would hopefully be an XML representation of the
> 	   state managed by a given module.  For example, the resolver
> 	   module would return something like this when invoked with
> 	   --dump-state:

> 	   And should be able to restore the system state from this
> 	   XML file.  

I'd rather like to see system state like this held in a CVS (or similar)
repository so that when you notice that your NFS (say) has stopped working
you can go and look down the log of changes that you have made to see what
happened last.


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