Re: System administration with GNOME.

Lauris Kaplinski <> writes:

> Imagine config file:
> Option A
> Option C
> Where C is compatible with A, but incompatible with B
> If configurator does not understand C, letting it as it is, and user
> chooses B, we get file
> Option B
> Option C
> Which may be not the thing, what you wanted.
> Maybe this is only theoretical example, as I cannot at moment find any
> such config file...

well, that's the "total comprehension" problem.  once you totally
comprehend all of options, you have implemented something
approaching sendmail intself in complexity.

really, you people should just stop being in denial and put pressure
on {sendmail,apache,exim,...} authors to move to regularized and
externally parseable config file formats.  else your config tool will
just be in eternal race with the programs it configures, and it will
lose it, too.

The whole idea of modules is so separatist, anyway.  Can't we all just
get along?                                               -- Jim Blandy

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