Clues needed


We're trying to write a fairly simple app with gnome, and I was hoping
someone would be kind enough to help us get started, and hopefully we
can work the rest out from the examples and docs.

We have some complex data we wish to visualize.  I won't describe it,
but at the end of the day, this data can be represented as a sequence
of images. 

So all we want is an app that opens a data set, and allows each image
to be displayed in sequence. There could be many of these images (~
300), so we really need something like a scrollbar to select which of
the images is to be displayed.  Ideally, when the app is resized, the
image would resize to fit.

So the app should have a menu bar with a File menu, with Open and Exit
items (this we can manage), then below that a horizontal scrollbar and
below that the image.


Should I look at canvases, should I use a pixmap, or should I work
with an RGB buffer?

When I advance to the next image, do I have to completely destroy the
image I have or can I just overwrite it?

Do I have to detect the resizing of the app (how is this done?) and
then resize the image manually, or is there some automatic way of
doing this?

Any suggestions/code snippets most welcome.


*  Simon Wotherspoon                               _--_|\       *
*  Maths Dept, University of Tasmania             /  Aus \      *
*  Tasmania, Australia                            \_.--._/      *
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