Re: Clues needed

> Should I look at canvases, should I use a pixmap, or should I work
> with an RGB buffer?

Canvas.  You load the images using GdkPixbuf (which is an RGB) buffer
and pass those to the canvas to display.

> When I advance to the next image, do I have to completely destroy the
> image I have or can I just overwrite it?

You can do whatever you want.  But given that I dont know what your
process is going to look like, I can only speculate.  And it is too
early to speculate and cafeine at IHOP is not of very high quality.

> Do I have to detect the resizing of the app (how is this done?) and
> then resize the image manually, or is there some automatic way of
> doing this?

Connect to the size_allocate signal.  

You can then just change the zoom factor, the canvas will take car eof
zooming things for you.

Or you can do it manually, it is all up to you.  There is a universe
of options open.

I have to admit, that just like Jacob, I can only think "Porn Viewer"
when you say "Large collection of images", but that might just be me.


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