Applying patches

Hello GNOME developers,

I am writing in a bit of frustration since there must be something to
the GNOME development process that I don't understand.  I have had
very little luck sending patches to package maintainers or to
gnome-devel-list, despite having received at one point a gracious
compliment from Havoc on the format and completeness of my reports.

To date, I have sent patches for

    ORBit to Elliot + orbit-list
    gnome-core/gnome-hint to gnome-devel-list
    mc to gnome-devel-list 
	(I even got a response from Federico that it would be applied!)
    bug-buddy to
    bonobo-0.9 to Miguel + gnome-devel-list 
    gnome-print-0.15 to Miguel + gnome-devel-list 

Perhaps the most frustrating is ORBit, for which I have done some
research per Elliot's request, but my attempts have not elicited a
response from him!

Is there a piece to this process that I'm missing?  I would greatly
appreciate some feedback on my patches, even if just an explanation of
why they are not being applied.


Aron Griffis            Compaq Computer Corporation, ZKO3-3/T30
Tru64 Hardware Support  110 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH  03062

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