[PATCH] Gnumeric 0.51 on Tru64

Hello Miguel,

Here are the problems I found trying to compile gnumeric-0.51 on Tru64
UNIX V5.0:

(1) Please upgrade to libtool-1.3.4.  Previous versions don't support
    Tru64 V5.0.


(2) Please apply the attached patch, which fixes a minor problem with
    a function prototype not matching its implementation.


Aron Griffis            Compaq Computer Corporation, ZKO3-3/T30
Tru64 Hardware Support  110 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH  03062
603/884-1276            http://bigfoot.com/~agriffis/
--- gnumeric-0.51.old/src/border.h	Tue Feb 29 12:10:18 2000
+++ gnumeric-0.51/src/border.h	Wed Mar 29 11:26:56 2000
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
 void style_border_draw  (MStyleBorder const * const st, MStyleElementType const t,
 			 GdkDrawable * const drawable,
-			 int const x1, int const y1, int const x2, int const y2,
+			 int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2,
 			 MStyleBorder const * const extend_begin,
 			 MStyleBorder const * const extend_end);
 void style_border_print (MStyleBorder const * const border, MStyleElementType const t,

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