Re: window-in-window MDI

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Martin Oberzalek wrote:

> > > window in window is design flaw. Ms brought this because it couldnt do 
> > > what apple does, because the app menus are atteched to windows, and on 
> > > mac are to the screen. So Mac is allways window in window. Thinking of 
> > > the screen as a window. NeXT also does not have this bug.
> > > 
> > > I wish menu support could be added to the menupanel.....
> > 
> > This would need WM support for focus handling. With sloppy focus, you
> > usually cannot reach to panel, without activating some other application
> > on the way...
> Maybe not, if you do all with corba. 

Impossible - there are situations, when you cannot reach menu, without
crossing some other window. To avoid other window getting focus, you have
2 possibilities:
- grab focus manually - ugly way - and dangerous, if affected program just
crashes during grab.
- tell WM to temporarily switch off focus-follows-mouse behaviour - not so
disastrous, if program crashes, but needs universal support of WM.

Third aletrnative would be, if global menubar just would be available
only, if WM is set to click-to-focus mode. But this would require
universal method for reading WM properties.

Fourth alternative would be to do nothing - but this will confuse newbies
- if they cannot reach menues.


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